Can you pick me up at locations other than the port or airport?
Hotel shuttles run only between the airport and the hotel/port and hotel. We are unable to pick you up at other locations. Note that the shuttle schedule is based on plane or ferry arrival times. We are sorry but we are unable to accommodate requests for pickup at random times.
Similarly, we are unable to drop off guests at locations other than the airport or hotel. The shuttle only runs when we are expecting guests that have made reservations. Please let us know ahead of time if you need to be picked up.
Do cancellation fees apply?
If you made a reservation directly with the hotel, cancellation fees outlined in the following regulations apply to parties of 14 people or fewer.

Day of cancellation
3-5 days prior
2 days prior
1 day prior
Date of reservation (no show)

Cancellation fees
20% of room charges
Do you have separate fees for children?
The following four categories of fees apply to children of elementary school age:
A*1:Food and bedding for adults
B*2:Food and bedding for children
C:Kids’ meals only
D:Bedding only

A: 70% of the adult rate; B: Half the adult rate; C and D: Regular rate of ¥3,320;
Children of junior high school age and up are charged the adult rate. Infants not requiring bedding or food are charged a facility fee of ¥2,160.
1. Category A: Upper-grade elementary school children wanting adult meals (excluding appetizers and vinegar items).
2. Category B: Preschool children age 3 to lower elementary school age wanting the children’s lunch.
A facility use fee applies for children age 0-2 (infants) who do not require food or bedding and children in Category A of ¥2000 (tax not include).
※The following rates apply for Category B children (no meals) and infants requiring additional services:
Bedding ¥2000; Breakfast ¥700; Dinner (or child lunch) ¥2000. Rates do not include tax.
※The following rates apply to Category A children served meals:
Breakfast reserved same-day: ¥1200 (advance reservation up to previous day: ¥1000)
Dinner reserved same-day: ¥3300 (advance reservation up to previous day: ¥3000)
I’d like to send my fishing gear/large bags head of me so that I can travel light on the day I depart. How do I do that?
Contact the hotel ahead of time to send your baggage to the address noted below. Choose Kuroneko Yamato TA-Q-BIN (Yamato Transport) or Yu Pack (post office) to avoid extra charge for remote island deliveries. Charges are the same as shipping to other parts of the Tokyo metropolis. Do not send valuable or breakable items. Cargo sent to Hachijojima is normally sent by boat overnight from Tokyo Takeshiba Terminal or Shibaura Terminal. Allow an extra day compared to baggage sent within the city of Tokyo.
Weather and other conditions can affect ferry schedules, so please allow extra time to send your items. (Carriers other than Yamato Transport and the Post Office send baggage by relay, which means it may take even more time to arrive). Please note that the hotel takes no responsibility whatsoever for late or lost baggage. Remember to put the name under which you made a reservation on your baggage, along with your reservation date. This helps to prevent loss or a scenario where your baggage is unintentionally picked up by the wrong person.
Hachijo View Hotel
Front Desk
Okago 4422-1, Hachijo-cho, Hachijojima, Tokyo
Mark baggage as in the following example: 8/12-8/13 (two nights) Taro Hachijo (name on reservation)
Can you send me a pamphlet on the hotel and/or tourist information?
Please contact our Tokyo Office at:
Ikebukuro 3-9-9-7 F, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0013
Tel: 03:5951-1810
e-mail: hachijoview@hachijo-v.co.jp
I would like a room facing the ocean in the Main Building. Can I choose my room?
Basically, we have no rooms facing the ocean in the Main Building. We do not take requests for room numbers, but please inform us of any special requests when you make your reservation, such as a preference for a second-floor room (e.g. you want to avoid stairs). Though we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request, we try our best to do so.
Do you allow dogs or other pets?
Pets are not permitted, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs. Pets may be boarded at kennels/veterinary clinics on the island.
Can I check in or check out at times other than those listed?
In general, check-in is at 15:00. Check-out is at 10:00, but the item may be extended. The following charges apply. (Extensions may not be permitted if all rooms are full either the day before or the day after).
Extension fees: Checkout times for the Main Building rooms may be extended for ¥1,100 per person per hour, and for the Annex rooms by ¥1,650 per person per hour.
I’m allergic to certain foods. Can I get my means free of the foods I’m allergic to?
If you have a food allergy, please tell us about it when you make your reservation. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate guests with severe allergies. Because all food served at the restaurant is prepared in the same kitchen, there is a risk that some allergens may be mixed in. Please consult with a specialist physician to make the best decision for yourself. Also note that the ingredients noted on the menu are subject to change without notice.
I hate the smell of tobacco smoke. Are non-smoking rooms available?
We are very sorry but we do not offer non-smoking rooms. We do our best to eliminate the smell of tobacco smoke.
Are there elevators in the hotel?
There are no elevators in the hotel. Guests are asked to use the stairs. Guests in wheelchairs will be given 1st Floor (barrier free) rooms. If 2nd Floor rooms are requested, our staff are here to assist.
Do the rooms have toilets?
All rooms are equipped with both bathtubs and toilets with sink.
Are the baths in the rooms hot spring water baths?
Our hotel is not a hot spring, and we do not have a hot spring facility at this time. We do utilize the underground waters of Hachijo-Fuji. The southern half of Hachijojima, however, is dotted with hot springs run by the municipality on. Check them out!
Is Internet available in the rooms?
Wi-Fi Internet is available not only in all rooms, but also in shared space such as the lobby, the dining room, etc. (However, we cannot guarantee that guest computers will work with hotel Internet lines/reception).
Is the water in the guest rooms drinkable?
The water is not drinkable. Drinking water is available on the 2nd Floor staircase landing of the Annex. The water used in the at the hotel is natural underground water of Hachijo-Fuji taken from a depth of 120m, regularly tested for quality. Water available at the cooking and pantry areas is entirely from municipal water systems. Note that following facilities utilize limited Hachijo-jima ground water: Guest rooms, large bath, toilets, pool, etc. Please help us to conserve.
I would not want hotel staff coming into my room to lay out the futons when I’m not there.
In general, no one will be entering rooms where our guests are staying. To protect the privacy of the guests, we ask guests to lay out their futons themselves. For guests staying with us several days in a row, we ask them if they would like their room cleaned. If cleaning is requested, housekeeping staff will enter your room.
What items do you have available for guests, including for children, besides the items in the room?
The items pictured below are also available, in addition to items in the room.

※When borrowing the items, please remember that quantities are limited.
※Inquire with the front desk for additional items.
※Children up to three years old may sleep together with their parents at no extra charge. If you would like a Hollywood twin (attached twin beds), please let us know ahead of time.
※Twin rooms have one bed set up against the wall.
Note that children are counted the same as adults for this purpose.
Can I eat in my room?
We are unable to serve meals in your room. We ask that you eat in the dining room or restaurant.
Can I join same-day optional tours at the hotel?
Reservations are required for most tours. If you intend to join a tour, we recommend that you make your reservation as soon as you decide on your plans.
Can fish I catch be made for our dinner? Does it cost extra to do it that way?
We can prepare it for you as long as you bring it to the front desk by 3 pm. After that time, we are unable to incorporate it into dinner. A fee of about \1000 (pre-tax) per kilogram applies. Note that the fee may vary depending on type of fish, size, and how it is cooked (frying, frilling, stewing, etc.). Please feel free to inquire.
Can we swim in the ocean in September? Are there jellyfish?
We've never heard about people being unable to swim in Hachijojima due to jellyfish. However, though the island is tropical, the weather can be cooler in September, so we do recommend that people be careful swimming in the ocean during this time.

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Hachijo View Hotel

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